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DocCenter PRO®

Cut Documentation Costs By Up To 50%

Eliminate non-value-adding sub processes and become LEAN with CCMS document management. Our system DocCenter PRO® simplifies the workflow between divisions and removes all bottleneck problems in the area of product documentation:

  • All content is stored in one location and in a single original version
  • Content is reused, saving you up to 70% of time resources
  • The process and technology optimization ensures about 30% savings on translation costs
  • Proofreading is performed electronically with “on the fly” implementation of corrections
  • “One-button” publishing for print and web
  • DTP work is reduced by up to 95% with the automated layout engine

Professional CCMS Software

You do not have to work in other programs to produce professional documentation. DocCenter PRO® ensures that all standards are maintained and that you achieve the same uniform result for all of your publications.

More value with the Cloud

DocCenter PRO® is a 100% web-based solution. This means you do not have to make a large capital investment. You simply pay for a monthly license and a small start-up fee. Meanwhile, you avoid downtime, upgrades on multiple computers and extensive backup processes, as everything is stored in a secure database.

Only one original document and of course DITA compliant

All content is saved as “topics” in a single original document. Thus, you can make all corrections in one location. When you change the original document, the corrections can be implemented everywhere this topic is being used. All topics are being written in XML format fulfilling the international DITA standard.

“Made to order” documentation

Producing technical documentation can often cause the people in charge plenty of grey hairs. Use intelligent documentation software to automatically manage all technical documentation, such as user guides and operating manuals – all in the format you desire and with the content that precisely matches the product variant when it is ready for sale.

Intelligent and complete software

DocCenter PRO® is a complete system. In addition to the standard plug-in for WYSIWYG XML-editor, you get a browser-based XML authoring environment, content management and single-source publication for most of the common output formats like PDF and HTML. And the content is configured automatically to match the individual product variants.

Clear distribution of roles for better security

All project participants can access the system and work simultaneously with the same elements. Processes and divisions of responsibilities are made clear, saving time and providing a sense of security. The system defines participants as “administrator”, “contributor”, “editor”, “translator”, or “reviewer”, meaning that you can allow access to the system without security risks.

Create Documentation Better And Faster!

Even the best documentation software can be worthless without configuration to match the company’s needs and implementation in cooperation with users of the software. Our experience at one of the largest Industry companies in Denmark (Danfoss) with solving the challenges of technical documentation has given us the ideal foundation for helping your company be more effective.

Looking for a robust solution for your documentation?

Contact us and learn how DocCenter PRO® can solve your tasks. And don’t forget to request a free quote!

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