Memsource is a world leading company within Translation Memory (TMT) Tools.

They have started in 2010 and have for a limited time achieved an exciting platform through which translation can be handled. Reusing already translated information, keeping track of its terminology and distributing translations to internal and external translators linked to the solution, respectively.

The Memsource product is integrated with DocFactory CCMS software, DocCenter PRO® and thus creates an optimal translation process, as you have complete control of this and thus ensure an optimal process as well as a high / uniform quality of its language variants.

Memsource writes:

Memsource’s mission is to help global businesses translate effectively. By leading the industry in AI-driven translation technology, we make localization easier, faster, and more cost-effective. Thus, the information that people want and need is more widespread and accessible than ever before. Behind the software, we are a team of 15 different countries that speak 20+ languages, spanning our 3 global offices, and are eager to help you reach your internationalization goals.

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