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Technical Support

When documentation software is being used in daily operation, the need for having a fast and competent support is a must-have.

Beside the minimum requirements as User manuals, FAQ’s  and other relevant information available online, DocFactory A/S is also able to deliver a more customer designed support setup, which takes your preferences into account.

That is what you can expect from our technical support:

  • Online support by use of manuals, support scheme etc.
  • Hotline support defined by your needs/preferences
  • Full range of training and adoption services as needed

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Træning og tilpasning

Det er afgørende at sikre en målrettet introduktion når et nyt IT system lanceres i din organisation. Vi har forskellige typer af træning som vil hjælpe dig og dit firma i at sikre at I får maksimal information om vores produkter og ydelser.

Træning og tilpasning kan omfatte:

  • Udarbejdelse af skræddersyet trænings indhold
  • Dedikeret produkt undervisning inkl. relevante proces elementer målrettet individuelle grupper af ansatte
  • Change management information

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