SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP optimizes the process around technical documentation

The world’s leading manufacturer of egg handling machines, SANOVO TECHNOLOGY GROUP has selected and implemented the CCMS system DocCenter® PRO for the production of their complex product documentation.

The head office of the company is located in Odense, but with production facilities in both Italy and the Netherlands, the product documentation is produced on the basis of different main languages, which place some special demands on the construction and handling of the topic-based documents.

The DocCenter® PRO system is fully implemented and serves as a primary IT tool for techwriters, who now only have one place where they have to prepare all their technical documentation.

And that regardless of which master language the individual countries work from.

Once topics have been translated into English, they can be shared and reused across, but you may start somewhere completely different.

Smart, efficient and very flexible.

Four months after the start of the project, the department was up and running with the new system. Through follow-up dialogue, DocFactory’s competent IT consultants took care of any areas where the system needed to be improved or refined.

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